Jorge Ferin describes himself as “A DJ who is all about creating a feel-good-atmosphere, where merely nodding heads from the crowd are acknowledgement for his work as an artist.”

It’s undeniable that Jorge is passionate and dedicated to make every gig special. He offers an impressive array of different styles of house music, perfectly matched to your occasion. Get into the groove with funky sounds, mixed with popsong samples from the 90’s or 00’s. Or go for a more melodic and therapeutic sound that can put the listener in a total state of relaxation. Looking for a more beachy vibe? Enjoy Jorge’s house music selection with a big latin sound with the right amount of energy. Just ask Jorge and he will play music as such. 

Jorge is renowned for creating beautiful transitions that make every song sound like a remix on its own. He says: “I am completely in my element when I can play music with nice bass lines, good kicks, a lovely vocal now and then, and just basically bringing it all together. When people are tapping there feet without realizing it, i know i’ve reached there soul!